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The Albino R. Pineda Scholarship Program was endowed in 1999 in honor of Mr. Pineda, author of Among the Repatriated: Autobiography of a Mexican American, and an active member of the Santa Paula community.


The endowment was funded privately by Mr. Pineda’s daughter, Patricia Salas Pineda, who grew up in Santa Paula and attended Santa Paula High School. Prior to retiring in 2016, Ms. Pineda was Group Vice President of the Hispanic Business Strategy Group at Toyota Motor North America, Inc. and was the highest-ranking Hispanic executive at Toyota. She served on the board of the Hispanic Scholarship Fund from 1995 to 2000.

The application opens on January 1st of every year.

The application is due on March 5th of every year.

Yes. The scholarship is only open to graduating high school seniors, and graduates, of Santa Paula High School in Santa Paula, CA. 

Yes. All applicants must be graduating seniors at Santa Paula High School in Santa Paula, CA, or current college students who are graduates of Santa Paula High School. 

No. Albino R. Pineda Scholarships are awarded to graduates of Santa Paula High School who plan to enroll in an accredited, not-for-profit, public or private college or graduate school. 

The Albino R. Pineda Scholarships are based on merit. The Albino R. Pineda Scholarship Program does not consider financial need for selection. 

The Albino R. Pineda Scholarship award is $2,500. 

Scholarship funds may be used for tuition, fees, books, and other academic related supplies, as well as for room/board and transportation expenses related to school.

No. Albino R. Pineda awards are for the fall of the academic year in which you applied.

Yes, but Albino R. Pineda funds can only be applied to costs associated with study abroad if:

  • You remain enrolled in your home university;
  • The program occurs during the normal academic year; and
  • You will be receiving US college credit towards your degree

To qualify, you must submit an Enrollment Verification form from your (US) home university (after being notified you have been selected to receive an award). Enrollment Verifications from institutions abroad will not be accepted.

No. Albino R. Pineda Scholarships are single-year awards. 

Yes. To qualify for this program, students must be at least one-quarter Hispanic/Latino. Hispanic/Latino is an ethnic category, not a racial category; students may be of any race. For purposes of the Hispanic Scholarship Fund, students must be from a family whose ancestors came from at least one of these countries:  Argentina, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal, El Salvador, Spain, Uruguay, or Venezuela.

No. However, all students must be Santa Paula High School (Santa Paula, CA) graduates. 

Yes. The Albino R. Pineda Scholarship Program is only open to students who plan to enroll full-time in an accredited, public or not-for-profit, four-year university, or graduate school, in the US, for the 2022-2023 academic year.

Yes. High school students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0, based on a 4.0 scale (or equivalent). Undergraduate and graduate students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale (or equivalent). 

No. Students must be graduates of Santa Paula High School, in Santa Paula, California. Santa Paula High School awards a California high school degree. 

No. An applicant must be a US citizen, permanent legal resident, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA), or an eligible non-citizen (as defined by Federal Student Aid). For more information, click here.

Yes. Students with refugee or asylum status must submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) in order to qualify for an Albino R. Pineda Scholarship. For more information about FAFSA eligibility, click here.

No. At this moment, students with an International Student Visa are not eligible for Albino R. Pineda Scholarships.

No. The application is only available in English.

To apply, please visit the 'Scholarship' tab. From the Scholarship tab, you can sign into your account to start/complete your application. If you have not registered for an account, you will be prompted to create an account when you try to sign in. 

Yes. Please be sure to periodically check your spam and/or junk email*. All communication regarding students’ status is done electronically; therefore, students are responsible for checking email regularly.


*Please note, that each applicant must use his/her own personal email address – not a family member’s email address.

No. Applicants must submit scholarship applications using the online application system. Click here  to be redirected to our student application page to begin your application.

No. Scholarship applications should never require a fee.

No. Once the deadline for the application passes, the application will close and will no longer be available for that academic year.

Once your scholarship application has been submitted, you will not be allowed to make any changes to it. 

All applicants who complete the application process will receive notification, via email, once the selection process has been completed. To check the status of your application, please refer to your profile.


Note, funds may continue to be available for a period of time after the initial notification. If you are waitlisted for an award, please check your email regularly in case you are selected at a later date.

Notifications of scholarship awards are emailed in June. 

Scholarship awards are disbursed in the fall of the year awarded. All scholarship awards are contingent upon proof of full-time enrollment.

Successful candidates are selected on the basis of academic achievement, personal strengths, and leadership, in addition to meeting all stated requirements. It is important that the information an applicant provides regarding his/her "intended" school/major be as up to date as possible, prior to our selection process.

The selection process consists of three stages: Submitted, Selection: selected and waitlisted, and disbursement.

An applicant will be categorized into the submitted stage when both the application and recommendation form have been received.

Applications given the highest scores by our readers will be selected as Scholars and must submit additional documents upon request. 

Students who are waitlisted for an award may not receive an initial award, but will continue to be considered for an award if additional funding becomes available during the current award cycle.

Money is disbursed in November and December. 

Unfortunately, every year, the applications we get from deserving students greatly outnumber the awards we have available. Accordingly, selection is highly competitive and not every strong student will make the final cut.


It’s also important to remember that if your application is not complete, you will not be considered for a scholarship. Many bright students miss out on opportunities because they submit incomplete applications.


Take charge of your application process by:

  • Following up with school officials, as well as recommenders, and making sure they have completed the forms they’re responsible for, correctly and on time.
  • Make sure to follow all instructions carefully.
  • Have a teacher, counselor or parent look over your application to make sure you didn’t overlook anything.

Yes. However, documentation between your home institution and host institution will be required. You must submit the following items*:

  • Enrollment Verification forms from each campus you are attending
  • A copy of official documentation from your home institution (i.e. Consortium Agreement; Dual Enrollment; Transient Agreements, etc.).  If you are unsure what a Consortium Agreement is, please visit your academic advisor
  • A brief written explanation as to why you cannot be full-time at one campus, that includes a list of the classes and their unit/hour value, in which you are enrolled, per campus

*It is important that these documents be uploaded to your scholarship portal. We will need to review this documentation in order to make a final decision.

No. In order to be eligible for a scholarship, students must be enrolled full-time in the fall and spring terms to receive their full scholarship, for the year in which the scholarship is awarded. Scholarship funds cannot be deferred to another academic term or school year.

If you still have a question after reviewing the FAQ’s, please contact us via your Message Center located in your online account.


IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to protect a student’s confidential information, the Albino R. Pineda Scholarship Team cannot disclose student information to third parties (e.g., parents, friends, counselor, teacher, etc.). Applicants must contact our office directly via their Message Center.